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Executive Director - Bastrop Economic Development Corporation - Bastrop, TX

Executive Director - Bastrop Economic Development Corporation
Economic Development/Redevelopment
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Full Time
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June 4, 2019
Bastrop, TX
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Reporting directly to the EDC Board of Directors while working in close coordination with the City Council and the City Manager, the Executive Director will serve in a public and professional leadership role for the promotion of economic and business development in Bastrop. The wide-ranging responsibilities of the Executive Director are to plan, direct, supervise, and implement a strategic plan for economic development that expands and retains business and industry to ensure the City of Bastrop’s economic viability.

The Executive Director is tasked with communicating effectively and clearly with industry contacts and prospects to market and attract commercial, retail, and industrial prospects and opportunities to the Bastrop area to achieve significant, sustainable economic development and growth of employment opportunities in Bastrop. The Executive Director attends City Council meetings and reviews any significant events that have been presented and discussed by the Council with the BEDC Board.

The primary responsibilities of this position are:

VISION AND STRATEGY: Develop and plan a strategy for the objectives and goals set by the Board, develop a strategy to recruit and retain businesses and industries in the City of Bastrop and the City of Bastrop’s ETJ, and develop strategies to deepen brand. The new Executive Director will be charged with updating the Bastrop EDC's Strategic Plan with the city's recently adopted Comprehensive Plan to ensure alignment with desired community outcomes.

OPERATIONS AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Implement objectives and goals approved by the Board; prepare agendas and reports for regular and special meetings; collect historical and current data and information as necessary to provide sound economic development analysis that impacts outcomes and opportunities; supervise staff; oversee contracts; and direct and oversee a comprehensive interdisciplinary economic development program for the City of Bastrop which includes business retention, business recruitment, new business startup, retail development, and appropriate sized real estate investment to strengthen the commercial tax base while promoting and encouraging programs that enhance the City’s sense of place and quality of life. Attention to the details of both the BEDC operations and proposed development agreements will be critical for the successor Executive Director.

MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION: Foster support for the BEDC Organization and the projects approved by the Board and develop and promote the strategy for marketing the BEDC’s mission, its Business Park, and the Bastrop Community to entice commercial, retail and industrial prospects to locate in Bastrop.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Study and analyze future sustainable growth areas in the BEDC’s Business Park build‐out, job training, infrastructure, education, and technology which are reflective of the Board’s objectives and which reflect a careful assessment of the various short‐term and long‐term needs to achieve and sustain Bastrop’s economic vitality.

FISCAL/FINANCE: Prudently manage the fiscal budget and assets of the BEDC according to current laws and regulations; prepare and recommend the annual budget; and analyze options and identify opportunities to proactively position the BEDC to take advantage of all types of potential funding opportunities for both economic development and for the organizational growth of the BEDC, with the objective of ensuring the financial stability of the BEDC and enhancing economic vitality in the Bastrop community.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Communicate clearly and concisely the status of all projects and programs currently being worked on, as well as how the projects comply with all applicable regulations and contracts; ensure all recommendations are properly vetted and tested before presenting to the Board; and faithfully execute resolutions or other actions as directed by the Board. The successor Executive Director should have a track record of embracing comprehensive transparency in working with the Board of Directors and other community stakeholders.

ASSESSMENT: Study the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the BEDC and the Bastrop community as a whole and develop pro-active strategies to address potential market area threats to the Bastrop local economy. Prepare analysis regarding current economic trends, including an annual compilation report to the Board that states options, strategies, conclusions, and recommendations for the Board's review on an annual basis and develop plans and projections for the upcoming year.

INCENTIVES: Develop and/or update standards for recommended business development incentives to be presented to the Board of Directors for their consideration and approval.

Responsibilities Include:
The BEDC seeks an Executive Director who is an experienced marketer and public speaker with the ability to focus on achieving positive, concrete results that contribute to BEDC’s success while setting sights in the future, identifying potential pitfalls, and devising plans for achievement. An individual who will overcome competitive challenges and develop opportunities to benefit the BEDC and Bastrop is desired. The successful candidate will understand the Bastrop community’s short‐term and long‐term planning objectives, specifically how such plans interface with future development in the BEDC’s Business Park and with other BEDC projects.

The chosen candidate will have the personality and ability to work positively as a team member with a diverse group of individuals, including the Board of Directors, BEDC staff, the City Manager, city officials, and city staff. The Executive Director must be capable of making supportable decisions on disputed issues, even when under time constraints. The BEDC desires someone who demonstrates self‐motivation and initiative while practicing self‐discipline and the ability to carefully and adequately evaluate options and issues prior to committing the BEDC or initiating action. The Executive Director must be willing to advise the Board on policies and activities, making an effective case for action, but remain willing to hear and follow the directives provided by the Board. The ideal candidate will have experience in holding Board meetings and preparing agendas and reports for Directors, as well as knowledge of EDC and municipal budgetary procedures and the ability to monitor expenditures and revenues.

The BEDC seeks a candidate who understands competitive and economic issues and practices, with an in‐depth knowledge in practices, trends, theories, and current information related to the business sector. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of various federal, state, county, and municipal codes, ordinances, laws, regulations, and policies which are applicable to the BEDC. The successful candidate must also be knowledgeable of real estate sale and purchase transactions and financing. The Executive Director will need to have awareness, acumen, and experience in negotiating in a political environment and understanding how the needs of various political entities may affect the marketplace, as well as the negotiated incentives and outcomes with a variety of prospects.

The chosen candidate must be able to assess the feasibility of a proposed economic development project, monitor progress on existing projects, and remain fully attuned to schedules and deadlines. The Executive Director should have the facility to evaluate and summarize written reports, date and cost estimates, and suggest new concepts and alternative approaches to resolve problems and solve challenges when they occur.

It will be essential for the Executive Director to have a professional appearance and demeanor, project integrity and transparency, and demonstrate the ability to speak comfortably in public, representing the BEDC and the Bastrop community positively in a variety of venues, such as trade shows, presentations, seminars, and while working with prospects. The Executive Director will need to establish a comfortable rapport with professional contacts, the press, local professional entities, and consultants, in addition to developing an appropriate affiliation with the Directors, BEDC staff, City Manager, Board’s Attorney, City Council members, and City staff. The successful candidate must also demonstrate the ability and willingness to prepare detailed, professional written reports and other documents, with an understanding of the intended audience and the use and distribution of the documents prepared. The selected individual should be comfortable with the public nature of their position in a small-town environment and reside in Bastrop, the Bastrop ETJ, or within close proximity to attend frequent public forums.

A bachelor’s degree in business, public administration, or a related field is required, along with a minimum of three years of experience in the field of economic development or a related field. A master’s or advanced degree is preferred, as well as certification in the field of economic development and experience in Texas economic development. Experience in the use of market research methodologies is also preferred.

Work Environment:
Businesses that seek to establish, expand or relocate operations in Central Texas benefit from Bastrop’s progressive, pro-business environment, led by the city’s responsive EDC and supportive city government. Strong leadership committed to assisting businesses is coupled with streamlined permitting and minimal regulatory challenges, which accelerate the development process.

The Bastrop EDC also markets the Bastrop Business and Industrial Park, located at the juncture of State Highways 71, 95, and 21. Located on 263 acres of wooded hills and lush flats, the Business Park offers greenfield land, abundant underground utilities, fiber connectivity, concrete streets, and a large, cost-effective labor force. The Park is about 40% developed, with approximately 165 acres available for the BEDC to market to targeted businesses and industries, coupled with other incentives.

As part of its responsibilities, the Bastrop EDC commissions and funds research studies to identify community needs, demand and align development opportunities, and to inform planning. The Bastrop EDC offers tax and development incentives and works with businesses to capitalize on them. It assists businesses in finding the most suitable facilities or building sites for their requirements and facilitates development from start to finish. In addition, the Bastrop EDC initiates, sponsors, coordinates, and supports other activities that promote its mission of economic development. These include annual career and employment fairs, which bring together hiring companies, jobseekers, educational institutions and high school seniors.

In recent years, the Bastrop EDC has worked to strengthen partnerships with organizations such as the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce, the Main Street Program, Bastrop ISD, and Bastrop County in order to provide more programs and initiatives than the EDC could on its own. These include the annual Youth Career Day (which has won awards from both IEDC and TEDC), yearly small business workshops, and other training opportunities, job fairs, business grants, and a collaborative approach to marketing, such as a shared booth at South by Southwest (SXSW).

As a Type B Economic Development Corporation, the Bastrop Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven members, who are appointed for two-year terms with no term limits. The EDC has an annual budget of approximately $2,445,000 and a staff of five: Executive Director, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communication Manager, Project Manager, and Administrative Assistant.  

Job Post Expiration Date July 31, 2019

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