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Civil Engineer - Wichita Falls, TX

Civil Engineer
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Full Time
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August 30, 2019
Wichita Falls, TX
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The City of Wichita Falls, Texas is using SGRecruiter® to recruit a Civil Engineer

Job Description

The purpose of this position is to design, review and manage public works infrastructure and public improvement projects, perform advanced public works engineering duties, provide solutions for problems, and address citizen concerns. This is accomplished by reviewing plans and specifications; designing infrastructure improvement, expansion, construction or relocation projects; developing plans and specifications; project management; coordinating with developers, contractors, consultants, the public and other departments; and responding to inquiries. Work is performed with considerable independence. Prepare plans, specifications, and estimate package by performing the essential functions printed below.

Essential Functions
  • Prepare plans, specifications, and estimates for Public Works Infrastructure Improvements under the direction of the City Engineer.
  • Completes designs and reviews projects, checking details and layout, verifying ordinance compliance, reviewing proposals for solutions, coordinating efforts with related areas, estimating quantities and costs, verifying submitted bids, and responding to related citizen inquiries.
  • Assists other engineers with projects and related assignments.
  • Manages construction projects by soliciting construction bids, facilitating pre-bid conferences, verifying calculations, finalizing recommendations, processing contract documents, issuing notices, monitoring project progress, recommending payments, and closing out projects.
  • Attends and monitors updates by participating in regular project update meetings, taking calls from citizens, engineers, architects, contractor,s and developers, referring questions, and monitoring ongoing projects.

Job Requirements
  • Position requires a professional level of knowledge of a discipline equivalent to that which is acquired in a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.
  • Work requires the occasional direction of helpers, assistants, seasonal employees, interns, or temporary employees.
  • Makes recommendations regarding policy development and implementation are made and/or recommended. 
  • Evaluates customer satisfaction, develops cooperative associations, and utilizes resources to continuously improve customer satisfaction.
  • Within this job, the employee normally performs the duty assignment within broad parameters defined by general organizational requirements and accepted practices. Total end results determine the effectiveness of job performance.
  • Work requires advanced skills and knowledge in approaches and systems, which affect the design and implementation of major programs and/or processes organization-wide. Independent judgment and decision-making abilities are necessary to apply technical skills effectively.
  • Does research for budget documents; and compiles data for computer entry; enters or oversees data entry. Has responsibility for monitoring budget expenditures (typically non-discretionary expenditures) for a work unit of less than a department size, i.e. program, projects, or small organizational units.
  • Ability to read literature, books, reviews, scientific or technical journals, abstracts, financial reports, and/or legal documents. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.
  • Ability to apply fundamental concepts of theories, work with advanced mathematical operations methods, and functions of real and complex variables. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.
  • Ability to write editorials, journals, speeches, manuals, or critiques. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.

Certification & Other Requirements
Must be licensed by the State of Texas as a Professional Engineer within twelve (12) months from the date of hire or promotion as a condition of employment.

Job Post Expiration Date November 15, 2019

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