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City Manager - City of East Palo Alto, CA

Title City Manager
Type City/County Manager and Administrators
Date Posted 2022-07-12
City / Organization City of East Palo Alto, CA
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JOB TITLE:  City Manager

AGENCY:   City of East Palo Alto

LOCATION:   East Palo Alto, CA

FILING DEADLINE:  August 15, 2022

SALARY RANGE:  Up to $226,600.19 Annually


The Position

Under policy direction, the City Manager plans, organizes, and provides administrative direction and oversight for all City functions and activities; provides policy guidance and program evaluation to the City Council and management staff; encourages and facilitates provision of services to City residents and businesses; fosters cooperative working relationships with State and local intergovernmental and regulatory agencies and various public and private groups; pursues appropriate avenues of economic and community development; and performs related work as required.


The City Manager receives administrative and general policy direction from the City Council. The work provides for a wide variety of independent decision-making, within legal and general policy and regulatory guidelines. The City Manager exercises general direction and supervision to the entire City staff through subordinate levels of management and supervision.


Key Functions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Plans, organizes, and administers operations of the City either directly or through subordinate management and supervisory staff; coordinates and evaluates the work of the City in accordance with applicable laws, codes, and regulations and adopted policies and objectives of the City Council.
  • Directs and coordinates the development and implementation of goals, objectives, and programs for the City Council, Department Heads, and the City; develops administrative policies, procedures, and work standards to ensure that the goals and objectives are met and that programs provide mandated services in an effective, efficient, and economical manner.
  • Oversees the preparation of the annual budget for the City; authorizes, directly or through staff, budget transfers, expenditures, and purchases; provides information regarding the financial condition and needs to the City Council.
  • Advises the City Council on issues, programs, and financial status; prepares and recommends long- and short-term plans for City service provision, capital improvements, and funding; directs the development of specific proposals for action regarding current and future City needs; attends all meetings of the Council.
  • Oversees the administration, construction, use, and maintenance of all City facilities and equipment, including buildings, parks, facilities, and other public property.
  • Represents the City and the Council in meetings with governmental agencies, community groups, and various business, professional, educational, regulatory, and legislative organizations.
  • Provides for the investigation and resolution of complaints regarding the administration of and services provided by the City government.
  • Provides for contract services and franchise agreements; ensures proper performance of obligations to the City; has responsibility for enforcement of all City codes, ordinances, and regulations.
  • Oversees the selection, training, professional development, and work evaluation of City staff; oversees the implementation of effective employee relations programs; provides policy guidance and interpretation to staff; serves as the hearing officer for grievances and discipline hearings.
  • Directs the preparation of and prepares a variety of correspondence, reports, policies, procedures, and other written materials.
  • Ensures the maintenance of working and official City files.
  • Ensures that the Council is kept informed of City functions, activities, and financial status, and of legal, social, and economic issues affecting City activities.
  • Monitors changes in laws, regulations, and technology that may affect City operations; implements policy and procedural changes as required.
  • Responds to the most complex, difficult, and sensitive public inquiries and complaints and assists with resolutions and alternative recommendations.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be an honest, ethical, and dynamic leader with a record of professional accomplishments that demonstrate the ability to effectively lead a diverse public organization. A proven record as an effective and collaborative leader—possessing confidence, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong technical and business acumen, and sound fiscal management skills—is essential. This challenging position requires a strong, visionary leader committed to quality improvement, customer service, staff engagement and inclusiveness, and performance management. The qualified candidate will be able to negotiate challenging political waters, while remaining focused on organizational goals, managing a solid executive team, and working with a passionate and involved City Council. The successful candidate will be a visionary, strategic leader and planner who can work with City Council, staff, union representatives, and other key stakeholders to achieve economic growth and improve the quality of life for all City residents.


The successful candidate will have demonstrated a solid track record of leading and managing municipal service initiatives in the areas of public safety, business and economic development, and public works. The ideal candidate shall have expertise in financial and budget management, agency administration, and the ability to maintain collaborative relationships with City Council, staff, and the community. The new City Manager will have excellent interpersonal abilities necessary to build and maintain solid relationships with elected officials, regional and national business partners, surrounding cities, governmental agencies, union representatives, staff, and the community through open and respectful dialogue. It is important to engage and embrace in the cultural diversity of the City.


Key Attributes and Characteristics

  • A strong leader who shares the vision of the Council and community, and who can advocate, articulate, and implement that vision. A manager who is able to blend innovation and creativity; someone who can think outside the box and can creatively move the City in a new direction or next step, while acknowledging the challenges of the City and addressing those in a strategic manner.
  • A professional who can lead the organization with a commitment to uphold the values of East Palo Alto, including valuing positive employee working relations and respecting the richness of cultures and diversity.
  • A forward thinker with the willingness to make difficult decisions based on what is right and what is best for the organization.
  • A friendly, approachable leader who is visible and actively engaged in the community to ensure quality customer service, one that understands the needs of the community to ensure their concerns are heard and respected.
  • A diplomatic professional, someone known as a people person with an engaging style, who is comfortable interacting with a wide spectrum of individuals and who welcomes dialogue and discussion.
  • An inclusive, engaging, and communicative leader with the highest integrity, character, and ethics.
  • A manager who values and openly demonstrates an appreciation for and connection with staff, and has the ability to maintain and build trust and actively listen.


For more details about this opportunity, please visit the job brochure at:



To be considered, please submit a resume, cover letter, and a list of six professional references (references will not be contacted in the early stages of the recruitment) at: https://koffassociates.com/city-manager-4/.  


Resumes should reflect years and months of positions held, as well as size of staff and budgets you have managed.


For additional information, please contact:

Frank Rojas at: (510) 495-0448 or Email: frojas@koffassociates.com


Carlo Zabala at: (510) 342-3233 or Email: czabala@koffassociates.com

Website: https://koffassociates.com/


Job Post Expiration Date   2022-09-10

  All jobs are considered open until filled, unless otherwise posted.